Input on my review process

Ok guys, some advice on my review strategy would be most appreciated. I finished studying the curriculum a few days ago and I have now started the review stage. So far, this is what I am doing: 1. I bought the Schweser Secret Sauce and it is VERY good. I am reading it completely and will be finished in the next 2 days. This review of the secret sauce will be the equivalent to my second review of the curriculum. 2. Once I am finished the Secret Sauce, I will take a 3 hour diagnostic practice test to see where I stand on the topics. I am aiming for 60% minimum. 3. I will then do 30-40 questions in each study session and when I have finished the questions in each study session I will do a progress test to see where I stand. I will track my progress this way and repeat the process. 4. As May and June approach I will aim to do more practice tests and mock tests to help improve my technique etc. So far I am struggling to retain the information and to squeeze in time to study now that I am working. Any suggestions on that front? If I’m forgetting anything please tell me. Sometimes I think I’m forgetting something big about the preparation process. Thanks guys.

Perfectly normal to think that you are forgetting something, there is a lot of information. Your review process looks solid. Personally I am aiming to finish all questions (all qbank, schweser, CFAI Mock exams and other questions I have obtained) 2 weeks before the test and then purely drive down on the topics. I want to leave one full mock exam from CFAI for the week before as well. I’d exhaust all the questions you have, especially with the amount of review time you’ve given yourself.

Hey thanks for the response man. I’ll continue with the plan and update if needs be. Thanks.