Inputs required on my study plan


I had earlier planned to study from the CFA institute materials but now I realize that it is taking long time for me to cover each reading.( I’m a slow reader)

Considering the time that we have now for the exam, my plan now is to study from schweser notes and do the EOC questions from the CFA materials. I plan to finish by april and spend the entire may on practise questions.

Would like to know from those who have used schweser before for level 3 if this is a good strategy. Is it possible to clear the exam by reading the schweser notes and spending more time on questions?

I’m in a fix and don’t know how to go ahead with my preparation considering the time limit.(5 and half months for the exam)

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.


Hi, you have several threads precisely on this topic…please have a look and let us know if it helped you in anyway. I’m reading SCH but closely following with CFAI…i’m also a slow reader. I use CFAI only to see if smthg really important is missing on SCH and also to clear some doubts on SCH. tigas

there are only 1150 pages of schweser notes to study from. if you can study 80 pages per week, you will be done in mid March.then you will have 2 and half months to study off the CFAI text