inquires on CFA Level 1

Hi all, i have some inquiries on CFA Level 1 and here it is:

  • If i start to study in Dec 2015 is it enough to pass the exam in June 2016 ( 6 Months Study )

  • What is the Best Courses now, shall i go with Kaplan or Wiley or any other?

  • I am working 5 days every week, every day 10 Hours in the work and 2 hours spending in the road. how many hours should be sufficent to study? (Friday and Staurday are week end).

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Yes 6 months should be enough.

I went with kaplan, I don’t think at level 1 kaplan vs Wiley matters a lot, mocks, BBs EOCs matter

I don’t know, never counted how many i spend, but should try to study every day even if it’s only for hour

Dear Goblin,

Thank you for your kind reply.

the thing that Wiley matter now is they provide a full access till you pass, unlike Kaplan and others so even if you did not pass the exam in one year you will still have an access.

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I think I figured out EOC stands for End of Chapter, correct me if I’m wrong.

What is BB?

EOC = End Of Chapter

BB = Blue Box, refers to the examples that are littered throughout each reading in the CFAI texts. I should point out that Schweser also uses Blue Boxes, though of a slightly lighter shade. This is important.

It’s obviously ICE, In Chapter Example.

The text contains many examples, some blue boxed, some not…so BB refers specifically to the in chapter examples that have been blue boxed

Thanks for your kind replies all.