Inquiry AQR Hedge Fund

Has anbody heard of AQR Capital (Hedge Hund), Greenwich, CT?? I have an interview scheduled with them for a ‘Portfolio Management Assistant’ role, where I have to write J2EE/SQL code for portfolio rebalancing, pre and post-trade analytics and risk reporting. What should I be expecting in the interview? Is this role worthwile? - Dinesh S

It’s a great organization that got creamed earlier this year. Cliff Asness is a mega-brain but a rather harsh person sometimes.

Aaron Brown is their head of Risk Management. Really nice (and funny) guy and one of the few who could challenge me for smartest human alive. To Joey’s point, they run a lot of quantitative/systems trading and they did get waxed in August/September like every other quant fund; that being said, they’re big enough where they can handle it. [edit: had a typo in “quant” in last paragraph]

Thanks Joey and skillionaire, so I should give it a try.

You bet - some great people there. You would learn a lot.