Insight about this job

I wanted to let you know about an open position I have at the Investments. This is a newly-created position reporting to the CFO (me) that will be responsible for the day-to-day work of managing our investments including: working with our consultant, attending Investment Committee meetings, establishing our priorities for the year, completing due diligence activities, forecasting revenues, adjusting the portfolio to meet our asset allocation model, creating meeting agendas and minutes, etc. Please see the attached job description for the full information and requirements. I am looking for someone who has been in the investment business for at least 5-7 years and preferably has an understanding of both traditional investments and alternatives like hedge funds and private equity.

Sounds not too bad if it’s a decent company.

Sounds like an investment analyst role at a corporate plan. Lots of creating reports, prob the point person for people to ask questions. If you want to work in equity research this wouldn’t be the ideal stepping stone. Might find it hard to jump ship. I rather be working in consulting because you can always jump to this role from a consulting firm but not vice versa.

How can you guys access the attachment with JD?