So I was one of the lucky ones who passed CFA Level I in my first attempt this year, but I’m not sure how I feel about my grade. I was ecstatic and motivated by receiving the positive news, but I can’t help but think there’s reason to be worried. I received >70 in Equity and Corp Finance, 50-70 in everything else except Alts which was <50. It looks as though I skated through by the skin of my teeth. I was wondering from those individuals who have passed or taken Level II should a person with my scores be alarmed? I was a Finance major in college from a small NC school so my education wasn’t the greatest and I found that about 55% of the Level I material was new to me (I’m 26 and been outta school 3 years now so that may factor in). I plan to begin my studies on in light doses in early Nov and hopefully the hard work pays off. Just looking for alittle insight from those candidates and charterholders who may have more experience than myself.

Level II is much harder. It will require a greater commitment than Level I.

Oh of course. I plan to do between 400 and 500 hours.