Instant exam results

How much would you pay to get your results day of? (Hypothetically, ignoring the later determination of MPS by the board)

50% of what I paid to register and study for the exam.

I would prefer to wait.

Really? I was sitting there as they were collecting the exam booklets thinking - I would pay $500 to have my result right now

Theoretically? I’d probably pay a little bit but not too much. Practically, I’d pay EXTRA NOT TO get my score right away because that implies the test is electronic and that would be a giant pain scrolling up/down the vignettes on a computer screen.

The best part of the exam is BEING DONE W/ THE EXAM and leading a normal life again!


I don’t mind waiting. I’d pay zero dollars to reduce it from 1 week to 1 hour.

But 6 weeks is a long wait. I am hoping the bulk of it is made up of QA: procedures to consistently misplace zero exams on their way back to head office; spot-checking the machines are reading bubbles perfectly. Most importantly, communicating results with zero mistakes. I’m sure getting from 95% perfect to 99.9999% perfect is very hard.

I’m less interested in their adjustment process. I suppose if they find a question actually did have two answers, they could adjust for that. But I’d like to see that weeded out ahead of time, and an MPS set before the exam is written. They refer to MPS being set by experts reviewing the exam questions – couldn’t that happen in advance, or at least concurrent with all the logistics of shipping, organizing and scanning papers.

My thought going into the exam was that it looked like june 2015 L2 was on the high end of the recent averages, so i thought they would increase the MPS this year

Isn’t part of setting the MPS includes assessing the difficulty of the exam Qs based on candidates performance on the exam?

I really don’t know, I always thought that they were targeting a certain % of passers which is why they wait to convene until a month after the exams are written, so that they have time to score the exams first.

US$ 1.99

Seriously, I prefer to wait, it means a lot, that the exams results are well managed and well counted. Worth it.



Rationale: I’m Level 3, so being able to put that I passed all 3 levels on my resume will help my job search efforts immediately.

Ill wait, MPS will be lower, and if they lose my book I get an insta-pass.