Instead of Studying

I often find myself just thinking about studying…take this for example. A waste of 10 minutes? No, ok, now back to it. Good luck everyone.

WTF - according to this sheet SS18 has over 400 pages and is only worth 5 - 10% if I recall correctly.

sorry, typo. Fixed it below, if anyone cares. Anyways, it is approximate, some of the last readings in the book might not cover the entire pages for end of chapter questions, but it is pretty close. Changed Cell E82 from 245 to 425.

nice, well done, i use a calendar to track my readings but i’m definitely going to use this once in a while to gauge my pace

Anyone else want to waste time making this better? Added some charts. What does everyone do to take a break from studying? Have a smoke? Take too many late night snacks? Ignore girlfriends? Look for jobs? Try to make sense of the market?

hey very nice! its nice to see the length of material. if its not too hard it would be nice to incorporate the weightings into it somehow. like since fsa and equity in level 2 are worth the most. we should pay the most attention to those subjects. it would almost make sense to take the 250-300 recommended hours correlate that with the percentage of the topics. so equity may be 25% of the exam, therefore we should spend .25x 250-300 on that section. of course this is not the straight rule for everyone, but for people like me it would help me to remember to stay focused on passing the exam. annnnd im a loser online posting at midnight on a saturday. *sigh*

will do. expect update tomorrow morning!

Now you can compare the hours recommended vs the hours you have spent. I have just placeholder values for everything. I don’t know what each section is worth, just change the table and the graph will update to show you how much time you should have spent vs how much time you really did spend. I also recommend an adobe air application called KLOK that will let you log all the time you spend on a task, in this case the CFA exam studying, duh. Have fun, and lets all see how we can make this useful without wasting too much time. Goodnight.

That’s a good job! Are the recommended hours really 660? Somewhere it says 250-350 hours.

I see, you just put random numbers there.

Elighcash, Any chance you could upload the last file again (it appears to be no longer available for download) Thanks, JT

Could you kindly upload the file again. It says file has expired. Thanks :slight_smile:

somebody please re-upload this quality tool thanks!

Did anybody save down this file when it was previously available? When I follow the link it now says it says that the file has expired. Can someone please upload it again!

here’s the very first version from the original post

thank you very much… would be good to have that tool for Schweser too.

sorry everyone, I haven’t been around in a while…I’ll put the file up tonight when I get home…6pm ish west coast.

You’ll have to change all of the weights/hours recommended/hours spent if you want to use that…it doesn’t really add much to this. Anyways, here is the file…I will keep this link running this time so it won’t go away. Good Luck, hope this helps a little.

So here is where you are all from BTW. Have about 55 visits since I updated this on Friday night. Keep up the studying everyone… LOCATION VISITS 1. United States 29 2. Canada 6 3. India 4 4. United Kingdom 3 5. New Zealand 2 6. Australia 2 7. Saudi Arabia 1 8. Singapore 1 9. Switzerland 1 10. Philippines 1

awesome thanks for the updated version