Institutional equity sales

Hi, could anyone let me know what the salary range is for an institutional equity sales position for someone who has an MBA but no experience in this field? and what is the norm in terms of compensation structure? by that I meant what is the proportion of base salary and bonus? Also, what kind of work environment is it? high stress, unfriendly in general or varies by firm? Really appreciate your help! lulu

Who is the target market?

ex-Japan Asia or Japan.

sorry, I misunderstood you…the target market is the US but will be selling Asian equities.

If you get an instituational sales position with no industry experience i’ll be surprised as general ex analysts and bankers fill those roles. an MBA certaintly isn’t the ticket - an understand of the equity markets in yoru case( particularly Asian equity) and what’s driving the asian economy is key. But there’s always a way in sometimes. Gerenally base is what you’d expect - nothing to big. But you don’t work foryour base. You work for your bonus which if you have good accounts can easily be multiples of your base. The lifestyle can be stressful but also fun cuz you get to take your accounts out on the town regularly. Thus sales people usually love their jobs.

Thanks so much for your reply! I do have knowledge in Asian markets but not necessarily gained through jobs in banking. I am earning about 130K currently on a relatively low stress job. I am a new mom and excuse me if I am thinking too narrowly…is it worth it to pursue a new job in equity sales just from the perspective of financial reward? I am trying to figure out if it is worth it.

realize a big part of the job is going out with clients after work multiple times a week. If you want to leave work and be home to spend the nights with your kid(s) every night then you need to fully expect that with a sales role, if you want the $$ you’ll have to give up a few nights a week with your kids to wine and dine clients. is it worth it - only you can answer that.

Thanks once again. I guess I wanted to collect enough info before I make a decision. But you are right, only I can answer that.