Intel/Dolby business model

I like the Intel/Dolby business model, where computer manufacturers/speaker manufacturers put the Intel/Dolby brands on their own products as a mark of quality. What are some other companies with this Intel/Dolby business model?


Wait, I’m confused. What company does not put their brand logo on their products?


to the OP - I repeat, look at ARMH

I guess this model is not that relevant now.

Earlier unbranded PCs had the major market share. The perception was that the PC was as good as its processor, and hence “Intel inside” campaign actually worked to improve sales. Branded PC makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo have actually bridged the gap with the unbranded market. It doesn’t really matter if my smartphone, book or table/ desktop has the label of Intel, AMD, NVIDIA or ARM.

But I have found that in GPS systems SIRF StarIII chipsets to be far more superior than the bundled A-GPS stuff. Its a power drain though.