Interest Calc

Maturity is 1/29/2049 and issue date is 1/23/2007. Coupon rate is 6.25 and issued at 99.23900. Can you calculate the interest amt accrued for 62 days.

10.68 per 1000 nominal value.

I’m refiguring this out: So it’s 15347 days from Issue to Maturity. Coupon rate is 6.25 Issued at 99.23900 Scenario is: Buying a corporate bond @ 7284M Purchase price of 73.500. The yield is 12.048732 Settlement on 3/26/10 (which is 62 Days accrued) Need: How to calculate the INTEREST accrued? N=?, I/Y=?, PV=?, PMT=?, FV=? Answer is: 77,970.99 (verified to be accurate)