Interest Coverage Ratio regarding Debt2

Im looking at a chart that says straight bond has the HIGHEST INTEREST expense versus convertible bonds and bonds with warrants, but cant it be a POSSIBILITY that bonds with warrants can have a HIGHER interest expense than the straight bond because it all depends on how much warrants will be issued with the bond… since this results in a discount amortization as well… how about we compare a regular premium bond vs a bond with many warrants… the latter will definetly have a higher int exp

I don’t think this is a real possibility. The warrants issued with the bond will have an intrinsic value - even if the warrant price is above market value as there is some value to being able to exercise the warrant should the share price rise above the warrant exercise price. This value will be deducted from the risk free return + credit spread on the company in valuing the bond and hence determining the interest rate applicable. Therefore the bond with warrants will always have a lower int. rate that regulay bonds.