Interest rate future and CTD price re 2011 mock Q52

The question states the future price is 97800. However the given answer implies the CTD price is 97800. What actually we are given? I know the relationship is p_CTD=CF*p_future. Confused.

Can someone confirm that when it is stated that a futures contract priced at X and has a duration of Y, we are actually given the price and duration of CTD? Thanks.

Anyone can answer this question?

I didn’t catch this, but you are right, it must be an error. It should be that the CTD price is used in the equation, not the futures price.

CFAI textbook V4, pp 117, example 11 did the same way, i.e, treating X and Y as those of CTD bond.

Dunno man, pretty sure thats bogus. If they give me both futures price and CTD price, i’m using CTD. If they only give me futures, guess i’ll use futures. It *should* be CTD.