Interest rate 'shock' coming up...|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=100990929|Get%20ready%20for%20a%20'massive Agree, disagree or laugh at taking a CNBC article seriously?

The Fed has been voicing their intent for months to naturally bake into expectations an increase. So it should be no surprise (and no shock) when rates climb. they have been climbing. look where the 10 yr is now.

That rates will go up should not surprise anyone. How far and how fast is up for debate. My guess is that the fed will try to telegraph a target range over time, though that’s likely to generate to s of game playing.

So is this article saying that Bernanke is knowledgeable at administering the fabled “shocker” move?

Depending how everything turns out, Bernanke can possibly be remembered as the greatest Fed chairman in history.