Interesting article in WSJ today about hyperinflation

“Zimbabwe, he says, has been “pouring money down the drain” by paying Giesecke & Devrient to produce paper money that quickly loses any value. Mr. Mangoma uses a 10 million Zimbabwe dollar bank note, worth 0.0008 of a U.S. cent, as a bookmark because he doesn’t “care if I lose it.” Zimbabwe now has a plethora of different bills, most of which have negligible value. An accountant by profession, the MDC treasurer Mr. Mangoma says billions are rarely used in his line of work anymore and have been replaced by quadrillions – a million billion. “Our economy is too crazy to understand,” says Mr. Mangoma.” All you Ron Paul whackos should read this, maybe it will give you a better perspective of certain things.

Having a despot for a leader and no regard for property rights doesn’t help much either

Mugabe is a bad, bad man. (Spoken in Billy Madison voice talking about Eric).

He’s gonna be a socca playa, yes he is.

^ I was hoping someone would follow me up on that. If I could make a reference to the penguin it’d be great. Saw that movie about a month ago for the first time since like 2001. I still laughed, and Veronica Vaughn is still one fine piece of ace.

“a million billion” WTF

Soon they will get to uncharted territory… We’ll have to make a new name… How about… “Mugabillion” (Mugabe + billion)

^ nice