Interesting Commute Today

ok so youre not a tough guy outside AF, got it

Your original question was if you should carry a concealed weapon. If your state allows it, totally. If i could do it here i would. I’ve had a gun pointed in my face a few times and there’s not much you can do once you get to that point but just hope for the best.

If i could carry, i would practice quick drawing the weapon replicating most normal situations too.

this could have been you BS

It’s good to have options

oh man sorry you had to go through that. where was this?

Really? What were the circumstances in which you had guns pointed at your face? I don’t think I have ever been threatened with violence. Probably my wolf t-shirt intimidates would be criminals.

this is gold

both times in toronto.

first time was a while back. i was selling ipads online. met these two guys in person and they tried to steal it. i wasnt giving it up, one of the guys pulls a gun. ended up trying to pistol whip me with it. i moved out of the way, the other guy punched me in the face. they ran away after that. they got caught later that night because they had a list of people they were doing the same thing to.

second time was less threatening. it was outside a club and there was a fight brewing. one of the guys pulled out a gun and started pointing im my direction. that time i just scattered

i’m not promoting violence, i dont even like to get into fights because these days even if you get knocked down/out they keep hitting.

IIRC, Swan’s in Boston area. If so, he knows there’s a reason they call them Massholes.

Also, MA is pretty strict about gun use. So carrying without a permit would be a bit of a mistake.

damn dood. that is harsh.

I love Toronto. Every city has bad sides i guess. Maybe it was fortunate that you didn’t have a gun with you.

The lawyer boyfriend of a friend of mine punched in the window of a 24 year old man’s Honda Civic. The lawyer’s kids where in the lawyer’s car. The lawyer is now dead. The Honda guy shot him multiple times. The Honda guy was charged with murder. He walked. He was asked on the stand why he shot him five times. The defendant’s response, “My gun jammed.” Houston, Texas, by the way. True story. Press clippings and everything. Late '90s.

What would be the point of carrying in that situation? If you draw first or even just show it (perhaps while saying “we got a problem here? Got a problem here pahtna?”) isn’t that brandishing, which is illegal? If he draws first, you’re probably fucked anyway.

when the guy said ‘get the gun’ to the guy i threw to the ground i could have drew the weapon in that time. not saying it was an ideal situation, but in the story that BS told, imo, having that option is not a bad thing.

i guess as some people say…open carry AR15 with NATO standard round 5.56 with 30 round magazine and 1 round in the chamber is the only way. This somehow should make you and the public safer- according to some people.

Also, you need a tracer round as the 2nd round from the bottom as a reload signal.

Agreed, I can really only see pulling a gun in this situation making it significantly worse. If this guy is off his rocker he could pull as well and someone ends up dead. BS handled this the best way, everyone is alive, goes home and has a cooler head.

lol this is the best comment I have seen in days. Nothing beats a wolf t shirt.

That’s the thing with gun laws in Canada, only the bad guys have handguns.

Online commerce is full of potential dangers. I bought two Ikea Poang chairs off Craigslist from a guy in Burlingame. Turns out that the color on one of them was slightly faded due to sun exposure. I mean, I still paid the guy and he even helped me load the car, but that situation surely could have escalated quickly.

With a gun I would have been more likely to calmly stop for him earlier possibly before he hit me (it was clear from the beginning he was trying to get out and come at my vehicle). In theory the time to pull would have been in or around the time he struck the window (or if he reached through when the window was down) and telling him to get back in his car and leave. But, from a societal standpoint this is a situation where I think the best result comes from neither side having a firearm and at least one side being forced to play defense.


You probably did the right thing by not fighting back, especially with his mother as a lying witness.

My SO would “kill” me for this, but I carry a variety of weapons in my vehicle due to having experienced similar situations. If that MFer would’ve done that to me, I don’t know if I would’ve had the courage to not retaliate. If he punched my window, threatening to break it to get at me, then he probably would’ve been stabbed, stunned, or shot. I don’t F around anymore. Lost my innocence a long time ago when it comes to being a victim.

All this reminds me to buy some pepper spray. That would’ve been handy for you.

Never Happened.