interesting exam day events!!!

I see a lot of discussion on exam questions and I know I am on the border, so I am determined not to ruin my summer until the results come. How about exam day shockers? Let me start with one… Anybody who took the exam in Chicago here? I took it in Chicago and as usually, I was there an hour early to make sure I have enough time. For a change, they let us into the exam hall starting 8AM (instead of lining up outside the exam center until 20mins before the exam as they did last year, that was a mad house!). Checked in, dropped off my stuff at my table and walked over to grab some water. One cute looking girl walks over, visibly nervous, and grabs a glass of water and pops like 5 pills!! Shook her head violently after the pills and gave a quick stare at time and walked off…while I was standing there shocked and panicked!!! Anybody else see her popping more? May be not as interesting a story as some of you might have seen…will be glad to read them…

The only thing I thought was funny at my locations were the people sprinting to the bathrooms. And somehow these people tend to be in bad shape. Hell I took like 3-4 bathroom breaks all relaxed. Then maybe these sprinting people were thinking wtf is this guy going to the bathroom the whole day.

about 30% no shows in my row at least. (in Toronto)

I went into the restroom during the lunch break and saw 90% of the stalls occupied. All I could think about was sublimity’s post!

In STL afternoon, it sounded like someone ripped a huge fart a few rows behind me, but I didn’t spend too much time worrying about it.

no excitement in my place…

Took it in Little Rock, 10 people in the L2 & 3 room total Proctor kept making cheesy references to allowing screwdrivers

afternoon section, outside exam center of Toronto, loud music, maybe celebration of D-day… really load and distractive

Is that so, Kevin? maybe you were in the north section, I didn’t hear anything on the south side…oh…southside.

In Chicago I went to the bathroom in the testing area at about 15 minutes until go time. There was one stall in there and a line 6 people deep. I only had to do #1 thankfully.

I was in Toronto on the north side, and that the music was loud! Next year I’m bringing ear plugs!!

when I entered in man toilet cabine after am section, I saw a basket filled with toilet paper tainted by blood. somebody had severe problems.

The guy seated next to me in the morning session left after only ~20 minutes. He started the exam, seemed to work a little, flipped through the rest of the exam book and then raised his hand and got the proctor’s attention, gave his exam book and answer sheet to her and walked out. That was it for him. He didn’t come back for the afternoon.

The guy next to me finished the PM section in one hour and five minutes. Either he really knew what he was doing, or didn’t know anything at all.

The only funny thing in our site is the dedicated “CFA washroom”, they really don’t want you to pee everywhere. But I do find the proctor check the washroom before the exam. What a briant idea to store some CFAI material in the washroom.

They should add a standard to the code of conduct that Candidates not pee all over the conference center’s toilets. Maybe this falls under “misconduct”.

BrokenSocialScene Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > In STL afternoon, it sounded like someone ripped a > huge fart a few rows behind me, but I didn’t spend > too much time worrying about it. imagine sitting behind that guy

nothing exciting at the singapore test center… :frowning:

When I was in line to check in & get my seat, the guy in front of me hands his passport to the proctor. Then I hear her say, “this is expired…oh wait ok, you’re seat number 38.”

I took the exam at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. About 30 minutes before the exam was to start, The “bathroom monitor” guy wasn’t letting people into the bathroom unless they had their exam ticket. WTF. I got turned down before each exam. YOU COULDN’T GET INTO THE BUILDING WITHOUT IT, SO WTF!!