Interesting Observation

So, on the asset allocation module of the AM section, it appears that out of the 133 AFers who reported their full matrices: 111 got <50% 21 got 50%-70% 1 got > 70% I remember that section being pretty hard…this just confirms it i guess. I plan on doing some more analytics based on the following tomorrow:

wow…but don’t exactly recall what the quesiton was

I don’t recall much of this year’s exam at all. The odd piece here and there but the funny thing for me was, I came out of the morning session and thought that I couldn’t have had a better set of morning questions if I’d set them myself. My AM session marks, however, suggest I didn’t do that well. I certainly don’t recall question five but did get less than 50% on it.

Every year on the AM section there is some outlier question that trips everyone up.

Exactly, like question 1 this year. It was so weirdly formulated you could lose half an hour thinking about it, and it was only worth 15 points. Not exactly a good start. I have not seen many people here reaping over 70% for that question, which says a lot. I remember a question in a published past AM session where you had to recalculate the company WACC after adjusting for pension liabilities. The whole question was worth about 7 points, and the WACC calculation alone could easily take 20 minutes for 3 or 4 points in return. Fortunately it came at the end of the session.

Sorry, that was question 4 for 11 points in the 2009 AM session, the WACC calculation was rewarded with 4 points. 110 points were available in the remaining questions…

I also had <50% for this session

That is interesting, and makes me feel pretty good- I got below 50 on that and question 2 in the AM. I can’t for the life of me remember what this question was about, but oh well.

Wish i could remind you guys but now that i passed…stakes are high!! :X