Interesting take on the Zimmerman verdict

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quotes Alex Fraser’s letter. Pretty interesting.

Bleh blah blah. Society is unfair to everyone.

This is not news worthy…just another bitter person. He sounds stupid to me.

Ding ding ding, winnar!

What’s so interesting about this? Typical gripes.

^ Maybe typical gripes. Still, interesting analogy between being GZ and being a black man.

This is not true…he will be stared down and judged by black people for the most part…the black man the author references is stared down and judged by non-black people.

^ Look up the word analogy.

^I knew you would say that. My only point is whos gonna care if a bunch of bitter people are staring him down…black people were stared down for other reasons.

Honestly, he could just change his name, move to a new city, and within 12 months 99% of people will have forgotten about this story and won’t recognize him from Adam.

He looks like fred flintstone. How coul you forget. If he’s smart he’ll leave the country. I assume he speaks spanish, since he’s not white, so he should move to argentina or someplace like that.