Intermittent Fasting?

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Been reading some nutritionist/ fitness instructor blogs and intermittent fasting is popping up almost everywhere. It looks to have a small but very strong following. Did basic research on it and apparently it offers incredible health benefit as well as being a very effective tool for staying in shape. I dont know anyone personally who tried it out but I am curious to experiment with it myself. Anyone here with any experience?

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I’ve heard of it as a method to reduce water retention during the summer (along with drinking tons of water). It’s a bit ironic considering that for years, people have been saying that numerous small meals is the best way to lose weight, now intermittent fasting pops up as a completely opposite philosophy.

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^+1, thanks for the post. Actually, I was looking for ways to lose weight and increase metabolism.

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I think fasting is beneficial, but it is not really a great tool to lose weight or increase your metabolism. If you want to lose weight, just workout more and focus on a healthy diet. To increase your metabolism, eat very many small meals per day. In my opinion, fasting ‘resets’ the body’s efficiency in pulling nutrients out of food while flushing out toxins and fat. I like to follow up with a 100% liquid and fruit/vegetable diet after fasting. Eat tons of lettuce and spinach. You’ll feel awesome and a lot more clear minded after the whole process.

i live to eat…i work out…i love food and i’m not fat…not fasting…not giving up meat either

Anybody who hasn’t used it before thinks it’s just for meatheads, but it’s oddly useful

I’m not focused on weight loss. More interested in the increase in energy and overall well being that people are claiming to get after giving it a try. The more I read on it the more amazed I am. We’ve become such a food obsessed society it’s scary.

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apparently an easy way to slim down is to have dinner early and ensure no food/liquid intake a couple of hours before sleep…i wonder if intermittent fasting may lead to intermittent gorging on food hehe…it all comes down to self control i guess.

What about that weird bowel “cleansing” powder that CFAvsMBa was telling us to take? It did sound pretty horrifying though…

I’ve read a lot about IF, and it seems to work for some people who are looking to shed some body fat.

Basically, it operates under the notion that, assuming you hit your macros, you don’t need to eat constantly throughout the day to maintain muscle. Note that I didn’t say that it helps grow muscle - there’s a huge difference between maintaining and growing.

By skipping breakfast and eating a later lunch (which is pretty much the easiest way to get into a 16/8 or 18/6 IF cycle), you condense the number of hours that you’re eating through the day. You’ll eat more in each sitting, but people will usually end up eating fewer calories this way.

It’s not too tough to get adjusted to skipping breakfast and pushing back lunch, but it does take some getting used to. I found the toughest part was not eating after dinner and before bed.

If you’re looking to build muscle while cutting body fat, you’ll probably need to do some calorie cycling and plan things out a bit more. Check out the lean gains program for that.

I did it last summer a little bit and lost a decent amount of weight, but I don’t think it was from fat. Tried a colon cleanse earlier on the board’s suggestion, but I bought what they had at GNC rather than what CFAvsMBA was talkin’ about. I had nothing like their experience. Very disappointing.

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I read quite a bit about nutrition a while ago. Take it with a grain of salt, but the gist is more or less like this:

1 - Calories in x calories out in most cases represents the only way to gain or lose weight in the long term

2 - For optimal health/athletic performance You need to hit your minimum levels for:

a) macros - protein, fats and carbs (varies depending on the sport, if any)

b) micronutrients - vitamins and stuff

c) water

3 - Timing is pratically irrelevant (you can eat one single huge meal or 10 small meals for the same effect)

Basically any variation from this (including Intermitent Fasting) had mixed results science-wise, What I mean is that, in research, Intermitent Fasting is not significantly better or worse than having 6 meals a day, or 3 meals a day, as long as your overall consumption is the same.

Then there are the beliefs and anedoctal evidence - different people have different experiences and different experts have different takes on subjects.

If you’re really into it, you can read the stickies at the Nutrition Forum on and get a rough idea on how to calculate your cals and what not. The guys who know what they’re talking about and I recall are Alan Aragon, Layne Norton and Martin Berkham (that’s the Intermitent Fasting guy).You can Google them to read more.

Of course, if you don’t want to keep counting your calories (that’s the premise almost all studies use), than whatever schedule keeps you feeling well and eating an amount that doesn’t make you fat it’s probably good.

I don’t do Intermitent Fasting, but I like to have just a couple of very light snacks during the day (saves time as well) and then a big meal at night. Just having more or less the same amount of calories and eating nutrient-dense food made me feel much better in the last couple years (even though I had the CFA exams going on).

Getting rid of all that pseudo-science from decades ago (breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should do abs to get abs, don’t eat fat, don’t eat carbs, don’t eat) is probably the most important thing. Once we learn that we can be healthy in a convenient way, everything is much easier.

intermittent fasting often leads to intermittent farting

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