Internal/External Wholesaler At BulgeBracket/Hedge Fund

man i should be in sales making 500k fml

Oh, well I feel I’ve wasted several minutes of my life now.

Edit: And yes to a pharmacy gig. Decent money and access to narcotics.

Confirm/deny: I can make 500k+ a year if I hate KU passionately?

It’s not the step, but it is a step in the right direction.

Yea, you totally misunderstood. A pharmD means you have a license to stand behind the counter at walgreens filling plastic bottles with drugs. A largely lonely job that doesn’t require you to sell a damn thing. And certainly has 0 finance experience, unless you want to count working a cash register.

Pharmacists make good money. A buddy of mine makes 105k at costco pharm working 4 days a week 10 hour shifts. 3 day weekend every week. Not bad if you ask me. His wife is also pharmacist. This is better than most if you ask me.

pharmacist > plumber

btw what are the requirements for a phatmacist degree?

Highly competitive to get into pharma programs at universities.

Well in the US, udergrad then pharmacy school that is usually 3 years. Some are 2 years. They take PCAT for the entrance exam.

Despite filling our pres drugs into plastic cases and telling us how to take the medication they are still doctors in the US. I have way more respect than chiropractor DOCTORS lol.

^^ Many of the competitive programs he is talking about are the 7year PharmD programs out of undergrad.

Also, I know a lot of people in PharmD programs through a friend and the goal of most of the competitive ones is a job with a Pharma company doing any number of even higher paying jobs. Working at a Walgreens/Costco (CVS is apparently the worst) is like the back office for a PharmD, decent pay (obviously they start much higher) and pretty easy.

kferdy = wannabe martin shkreli

ok plumber > hacksaw pharmacist

Ok last question. Can I do a good job with no knowledge of the matter? Basically, if you have a good personality is it inevitable that you will get promoted and how smart do you have to be?

Basically, is promotion inevitable as long as you have a good personality and will those 500-1500k paychecks come inevitably?

What’s KU?

Igor lets do it. We can start together and become millionaires!!!

Is PharmaD a term drunk pharmacists use when trying to pick up women at a bar?


So can anyone answer my questions? Im not a troll. After working so hard and being in debt, Im just looking for a strong job with good work life balance.