Internal Jobs in an IB

I have a friend who has recently joined a rather large IB that has internal postings. What is the protocol with respect to him applying for jobs (since he has just joined) ? His identity will be revealed since his ID number and information is required in order to access the internal listings. Will his manager find out if he does apply for any jobs outside his unit ? Or does HR maintain some type of confidentiality ?

Good question, I’d like to know the answer to this as well.

I can tell you what the protocol is for my firm. You have to work in your current position for 12 months before being able to switch to another role. The hiring manager of the other position will then have to communicate to your manager that he is interested in hiring you on, at which point, you manager could allow him to pursue further, or reject it. This is probably to stop the loss of needed assets to a specific group. I’ve had an employee send his request to another group and even though he directly reports to me, I didn’t receive an email communication regarding it. It really is all dependent on where you work and their configuration of their internal hiring site. At the end of the day, if you are very interested in a different opportunity within your organization, and your manager understands your need to progress and doesn’t just look at you as a headcount, but as an asset to the firm…He/she should promote your growth within the firm and shouldn’t try to stop it(All sounds good in theory right :-)).

I did this on Friday. My company requires manager approval and minimum one year in your position. I talked to my supervisor about my interest in a certain opening (CSA position in a different group with more client contact), and he will ask our department manager for approval. Then I can put myself forward for the opening. I recommend being upfront about it. It’s important to have a good, open relationship with your direct supervisor.