international bonds

The different types of international bonds are A. foreign bonds, Eurobonds and global bonds. B. foreign bonds, global bonds and sovereign debt. C. Eurobonds, global bonds and sovereign debt. D. foreign bonds, Eurobonds, global bonds and sovereign debt.



C? Foreign bonds are traded/registered in the country’s bond market by corp. domiciled outside the home country, thus in my view should not be called international bonds.

A Foreign bonds - Bonds issued by a non domestic entity, in domestic currency and traded domestically eg: Samurai, Yankee… Euro bonds - Issued and traded outside the country in which the currency of the bond is denominated. eg: EuroDollar, EuroYen. Global Bonds : Combination of both foreign and Euro.

I think we are all over the place. I answered A. Correct answer is D. sovereign debt is sold as international treasury bonds in some cases.