International Risk Free Rates

I’m looking for current risk free rates (long term maturities) for Brazil and Ireland. I’ve looked at both central bank websites and haven’t been able to track them down. Does anybody else know of a source (and I don’t have access to Bloomberg). Thanks. Isn’t Ireland just part of England?

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. Southern Ireland (the Republic of Ireland) is an independent country. Neither of them is part of England.

That’s not what I heard.

I thought ireland was part of Sweden, no?

I always thougth it was…Just like Greece is a part of Turkey, New Zealand is part of OZ, Canada is the 51st State :slight_smile:

Thanks JoeyDVivre

Brazil Government Yield Curve I didn’t find an actual Irish yield curve on the following website, but if you go into “contacts” I am sure you can find someone who can get you this type of information. Ireland is a very rapidly growing economy with a strong tech sector but according to the IMF the Irish government balance is less than 1% of GDP which implies that their yield curve might not be that well developed.

I also find the following website useful: There are data about Brazil, but not Ireland.