International Travel ID required for exam?!

Hi all, hope this is not the n’th post about this but is it really required to given them your international travel ID? I mean, would be crap to get this little book with me too and maybe others haven’t seen this either?

only applies if you registered after 1/1/11. Which you probably didn’t… driver’s license will do otherwise.

Correct. It should also be on your exam ticket (I registered before 1 Jan. 2011 and mine says “Government-Issued Photo ID”).

oh yes, it’s in bold blue letters that’s why I couldn’t see it. Thanks guys!

Just a warning , it says government issued id on mine as well and i enrolled in feb :open_mouth: … So how would they know if u enrolled before or after jan 1st … Take a copy of yr receipt if u not using yr passport (and obv reg in 2010)

I just called them cause I saw the same thing. International ID doesn’t apply to this exam

At least for the US

this annoys me i rushed to get my passport updated, which cost me $200 when they kept emailing about “id policy change” again and again i thought they meant there was an ID POLICY CHANGE i couldda just stuck to my driver’s license and saved myself the rush passport processing fee

that’s just like with a regular university’s office: It’s simply not enough for them to screw you with the exam question, they want you to taste the whole flavor :wink: don’t get annoyed and good luck everyone tomorrow!