International usage/maturity of Debt.

Let’s see who has mugged the table and can recall this… Go! Q1. Favourable tax rates on dividends - What’s the maturity of debt used here? Q2. More liquid stock and bond market - What’s the proportion of debt here? Q3. Greater reliance on banking system - What’s the maturity of debt used here? :slight_smile:

1:longer 2:higher 3:shorter ?

Q1. No clue… Q2. I don’t know about proportion but I know debt will be longer Q3. Higher debt, I don’t know the maturity or if it was talked about in Schweser

Agree with tvvPM on all accounts, although somewhat unsure of #2.

Clue1: You could choose from a subest of {“N/A”, “Lower”, “Longer”} wherever applicable.


1.N/A 2.N/A 3.N/A

I just posted the answers but deleted my post :wink: swaptiongamma, no more trickery

N/A Higher N/A i am sure they wouldn’t ask on this

wow, I just got flipped on my face hard. not suprising.

damm - mp2438!!! If you really got those answers with no book reference, I have to give ya a standing ovation. Can you solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded?

no, I have to do that one the long way, with my eyes open. :slight_smile: