International Vacations

I know some of you don’t take real vacations because you’re always grinding. But for those of us that enjoy some relaxation outside the boundaries of our home country, what’s your favorite area, and why?

I’m kind of a beach bum, but like to move around. I’ve been to Panama and Costa Rica, to get a bit of a mix of beach life and inland scenery. Next up, I’m thinking either Dominican Republic (RIP Fiona) or Curacao for our 10th anniversary. The wife isn’t quite as willing to just walk out of a hotel and see where the road takes her, so all inclusive should be a solid choice.

For our tenth anniversary, I planned a second honeymoon unbeknownst to my wife. We spent two nights at the Beverly Hills Hotel, two nights at the Ahwahnee in Yosemite, two nights at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Opispo (we’d stayed at all three on our honeymoon), then came down the Central California coast: Carmel, Morro Bay, Solvang, Santa Barbara. At each stop there was a gift waiting for my wife, that I’d shipped there a week earlier. We had three children, so I’d arranged for family to stay with them during the trip.

These days, a few days in the mountains or horseback riding is just what we need.

Wow! I’m impressed - and taking notes.

I’d like to spend a good bit of time in western national parks: Zion, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Sequoia, Grand Canyon, etc. Like using up 90% of my accrued vacation time, which is extensive. Only problem is one kid is afraid to fly, and RVing from the deep south is prohibitive due to gas prices. So it’ll have to wait 12 or so years until the kids can survive on their own for a month. But, that gives me plenty of time to work on dropping the 30 excess pounds I gained because of the little ankle biters.

My wife and I have always loved backpacking, but we never could get the kids interested.

I’m not sure what to do about the one who’s afraid to fly. Obviously, you have to be sensitive to that.

There are companies (their names escape me at the moment) who will set up a camper/RV for you at various sites. Maybe that’s an option for you.

Best of luck, my friend. Vacationing with the wife is great, but vacationing with the whole family (when everyone’s happy) is the best!

Club Med!!!