Internet dropout during sample exam

So on the weekend I busy doing Sample exam 2, on the 9th question (the one with the guy Kapoor) and my internet service provider blows up with some problem at the exchange (I use ADSL at home) Of course it’s still down and I have to wait up to 2 days for it to be fixed (I’m at work now). Does anybody know what happens when that occurs? Have I just wasted $40? I know $40 is not a huge amount of cash, but I do want to see the rest of the exam and I’m just so ticked off.

yes you wasted. They want you to finish online exam before 48 hours or something. Call them and try to explain. They might fix it

you can spend another $20 to take the same exam again. I called CFAI and that’s what they told me… Good luck.

Dang. Thanks guys. I’ll get down on my knees and beg but it looks like another $20…

Actually, it was no problem. I just logged back in and it was shown as a test in progress with half the time still remaining. A nice little pre-exam surprise. of course I then failed the stinking thing by getting only 63%

The samples seemed extremely difficult. I got Low 60s on both.

53 on the first one last weekend. I was a bit demoralized.