Internship Assistance - What do I do?

I’m applying for summer internships. I came across a posting overseas and want to present myself in the best light. What should I include in my email since I do have a contact for this position? Internship Announcement Next Possible Internship Period: Approx. June 2010 Internship As assistance for the foundation work, we employ interns throughout the entire year. Though applications may be sent at any time, they should be received by the foundation three to four months prior to the start of the preferred internship period. Internships generally last 10 to 14 weeks with a monthly compensation of €400. Duties You gain insight into the current day-to-day operations of the Allianz Cultural Foundation, participate in the work done on continuing projects, and are directly involved in the foundation’s day-to-day internal functions such as handling support-related inquiries and organizing meetings. In addition, you assist our team with the organization of operative projects such as the ‘Debate on Europe’ and the ‘Allianz Summer Academy’. Qualifications You have student status and an interest in foundation work as well as in cultural topics related to Europe. You possess good MS Office skills and have a strong command of German and English. Command of a third language is a plus. You have an attentive and structured working method and attach great importance to teamwork and flexibility. Application Documents We would be delighted to receive your application documents per e-mail using the address found in the upper right-hand corner. Please direct any inquiries to xxxx at the following telephone number: 1111

Write an essay on whether the CFA charter is better than an MBA top 10 or not.

Part-time Crook Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Write an essay on whether the CFA charter is > better than an MBA top 10 or not. LOL Classic Make sure its single spaced and 5 pages min.

Why would you want this internship?

FrankArabia Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Why would you want this internship? Indeed. This is the most important thing - why do you want to do this? From the job description, this seems like non-profit or similar work. It also pays a paltry salary. You need to convince them that you are passionate about the work.

This is an interesting opportunity to get some work experience internationally and in the non-profit space. However, it sounds like your aspirations are for a career in finance, and this is really more operational/administrative in nature. Are yo sure this is something you want?