Internship to full-time: Question

Hello. I recently graduated from college in May, and I’ve been interning at a buy-side firm during the summer.

During the interview, the interviewer (my supervisor) told me that the purpose of the internship is to hire into full-time.

The internship ends at the end of this month.

Few days ago, I’ve been verbally offered the job and I expect to receive the official offer letter in 2-3 weeks.

The problem is that I have to find a place to live near the office very soon because my boss wants me to start right away in early September.

But because I do not know how much salary I will receive, I don’t know how much I should spend for monthly rent.

My question is: should I ask my boss how much I should expect to receive? Or is it a bad questioin?

Just be frank, and ask. They’re not going to think “Oh look at this kid talking about money already. Screw him let’s hire someone else”. They might say “We’re still working out the details”. You can follow-up by asking “well can you give me a ball-park range, as it would help me plan my relocation?”. Never be shy when it comes to compensation. It’s a tricky issue, sure, but if you can’t talk about it, odds are you don’t know how much you’re worth. Always know your worth. Be it $20k/year, or $500k/year.

Ask your boss. No issues with wanting to know how much you’ll be paid.

How can you be getting ready to move to this new job without knowing the salary?

If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

Yo also - if they need a new intern, tell em to give me a buzz. I’m friggen amazing at sending faxes, and getting lunches.

lol. what really happens is scan to pdf and grubhub