Looking for summer internship in finance domain. Location: anywhere in India

Thanking you

take a number and get in line. Did you pass tour CFA exams?

i can only imagine india being that much more competitive than the us. see if you can swing an internship with a ratings agency…crisil perhaps?

No sir, Appearing in December.

You have too many constraints…only summer, only in India…not to mention lack of qualifications at this point, no CFA, etc. What is your undergrad in? It’d be better to submit applications instead of posting on an anonymous forum. Perhaps consider IT? I hear India is big on that.

What?? I would write the exam in June. You don’t need a year to study for L1 unless it is completely new to you. In which case you would be too unqualified to be looking for work in the industry.

^ Clever username

I am from Metallurgy Engineering background. CFA curriculum is new for me. :slight_smile:

So if you’re an engineer why are you posting on a finance forum? Why don’t you look for an engineering job…you’re probably more qualified for that.




$ in Engineering > 98.9 % of finance


^ i know

^ Not in South Asia. Everyone’s an engineer


I’m long South Asia then.