Internships in SF Bay area

I’m scheduled to take Level 1 this December. I was wondering what the prospects of getting an informal internship are in the SF bay area. A bit about me… I’m a career changer, trying to get out of Biotech, where I’ve been working for around 4 years since graduating undergrad, and into finance. I’ve been asking a few friends for advice but right now, all I’m getting is that the economy and hiring is especially crummy. I’m looking for an unpaid (paid is great, but I’m not expecting anything) informal (meaning more part time, evenings and weekends) internship just to get my toes wet. I’m planning on taking Level 2 in June 2009 (a bit of a stretch, but I’ll see if I can do it). Any opinions on the prospects of finding informal work? I realize that this might be difficult especially given the crummy economy, and that I’m a career changer with no experience. I just want to get my toes wet, and see if changing career paths is right for me. (too bad my timing is god awful :slight_smile: