interval rebalancing aka .....

There are lot terms which can be used by their alternate names & make us unnecessarily think during exam time…Like

Interval Rebalacing…AKA…?

Horizon Matching…AKA…?

Blend investing…AKA…?

Interval Rebalancing - Calender Balancing?

Horizon Matching - Cash Flow Matching!

Blend Investing - Value-Growth mixed investing?

^ AGREE, #3 is CORE (mix of value and growth)

Multifunctional duration - AKA - Functional duration - AKA - Key rate duration

Interval rebalancing - percentage of portfolio strategy or % range

Blend Investing -Market oriented (Value-Growth mixed investing)

Semiactive - AKA - Enhanced indexing - AKA - risk controlled

then there are also some combination of two strategies…like

Combination matching-AKA-Horizon matching - combination of active & passive…Portfolio is cash flow matched in intial years than multiple liabilities immunization based

Calender+percentage of portfolio rebalancing

Half replicated+Half optimized…