Interview excel test?

I’m interviewing for an equity research position and was told there would likely be an excel test component. Do any of you have a sample test floating around out there from another firm? I know this was discussed a few months ago and a few people seemed to have these. If you do, can you email me a copy to Thanks!

I shall mail it to you shortly.

gauravku Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I shall mail it to you shortly. ===================== gauravku, mail it to me too

can you mail to to mee too gauravku, thaks!

CFA_IND - Is your ID Please confirm…

Hey Gaurav, Thanks for sharing it with me too

Please send it to me, too. ty so much !!!

Thanks a lot gauravku! Much appreciated!

Please gauravku, could you share it with me too: Thank you!

Gaurav would appreciate if you could pass on to as well. Regards.

Sent to, and For others I would suggest to download from the link which I had shared in the last thread on this. I had uploaded the test on that link and had shared it on that thread. Hope it helps.

Thank you sir!

please can one of you, and send me the file as well thx

Following is the link I had posted earlier in July 2008… ------------------------------------------------------ Here you go. Kindly download the excel test from this link. It consists of 10 questions. Hope it helps.

gauravku, Thanks for helping us out. Could you re-post the link again? It isn’t working. Or, you can email me at

gauravku Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > CFA_IND - Is your ID > Please confirm… ============= its

forgot to leave my email, blah -…the link doesnt work!