Interview follow up email - regarding vacation

I had an interview for an IR role at a mining company two weeks ago. They said they were going to follow up last week but I heard nothing so I emailed HR last Wednesday. She replied Thursday saying she will have an answer on Friday but again no response. I don’t know if it’s just normal company delay or a definite no.

Does this email sound bad and too straightforward? I don’t want a bad impression of going on vacation if I am still in the process. Should I even bother following up again?

Hi HR person,

Hope you had a great weekend. I am following up on your email from last Thursday.

I would like to know if I am moving forward in the hiring process. I am still very much interested in the position. The only reason I am in a rush is because I was thinking of visiting family back home during Christmas. If I am still being considered, I will hold off on booking.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience.


Beginning with “The only reason…” and ending with “booking.” - delete. They dont need to know, and they dont care.

you can then send as is but better yet, say you are considering a few alternative options under time constraints but you are very enthusiastic about this opportunity and eager to move forward. I need this email of yours to convey more excitement about the role and imply that you are in high demand and fighting off pending offers to accommodate their timing.

So I should send a second email even though I sent the first one last Wednesday? Is that too soon/seem desperate?

Send on wednesday, a week later. Not desparate, remember you have multiple opportunities and are just asking for a status update on their end to manage your priorities . Totally normal.

Okay. I’ll copy your exact wording then:

I would like to know if I am moving forward in the hiring process. I am considering a few alternative options under time constraints but am very enthusiastic about this opportunity and eager to move forward.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience.


Not to over-engineer this, but you don’t like to know “if you are moving forward” - you’d like to know what the next steps in the process are. Your default assumption is you are moving forward - gotta project both enthusiasm and confidence.

I like this. Good advice.

Not at all. I know how important it is to convey objectivity and clear understanding in emails. I’ll change it. Thanks.

Lol, I think I know exactly which role this is. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s not actually mining.

Anyhow, I would not pester them. If they are interested, they will let you know, if not, it won’t matter and if you get the role there’s no reason you couldn’t go home for Christmas. At the very least drop the please let me know at your earliest convenience, for some reason just sounds pushy. Honestly, I would just avoid it, I just don’t see this helping you.

Then it’s probably not the one you are thinking of? Because it is a mining company in Canada.

If I do go home for Christmas, it would be for 2-3 weeks because the flight is 16 hours. I assume that most companies wouldn’t want to hire people with long vacations for entry level roles, especially during the most highly demanded period of the year.

Lol, people just downvote randomly.

You’re going to be in IR… call them, see how things are going, if there’s anything you can provide them, ect

and don’t mention the Christmas stuff at all

Ah, nvm, was thinking a more senior IR role out there but in the US. Xmas definitely not the most highly demanded time of year for IR by a country mile, probably one of the slowest. Anyhoozle, do what you wish, honestly I’d just book it and if you get hired tell them it was already booked and they’ll be fine with it, not a big deal. I guess some people say call, I wouldn’t.

So she still didn’t reply and it has been more than a week. I assume I’m not moving forward.

Just a bit of a mini rant: I’m completely fine with hearing “no, we will not be moving forward with your candidacy.” What bugs me is getting ghosted. She said she would follow up no matter what during the interview and again in email. So if someone says to follow up, then follow up. That’s just common courtesy.

Someone on hear (whatsyourgov?) said that HR is lower intelligence people with too much power. I have to agree.

Maybe they have an HR opening for you.

Look, if they want you, they’ll hire you. If you gotta write to them for an update, odds are they haven’t made a decision yet (maybe lazy, maybe you’re not it, or maybe it’s not an urgent hire), or they’re just inefficient or overbooked (and in that case do you really want to join such a team?)

When I hire someone, I push HR to move things because the hiring need is on me, not them. Also, checking in reeks of desperation. Unless you have another offer and you really need to know (in which case say look I have an offer and I need to know if you guys are still interested and if so let me know by XYZ date), don’t write to them. It’s a lot like dating. Desperation = no vag. Confidence with a touch of nonchalance = score.