Interview Follow-up - No Response

Hi I’m looking for some advice in regard to following up an interview.

I had a first round interview with a Director 3 weeks ago, and sent an email afterwards, expressing my interest and thanking him for his time. During the interview, I was told the second round would be with two Senior Managers, but I wouldn’t hear back for 2-3 weeks because they were both on vacation. This is the end of the 3rd week/beginning of the 4th.

This morning I followed up with the two HR people I’ve been dealing with, but haven’t received a response. If I haven’t heard back for a few days, should I:

  1. Follow up with HR people again,

  2. Follow up with the Director,

  3. or just drop it and move on?

I’m just looking for some advice from those who have been on either side of this scenario. I’d rather them just reject me than give me no response…


If I were in your shoes at this point, I would assume you weren’t chosen and move on. The fact that you didn’t get a flat rejection is nice, but companies rarely have incentive to tell you anything until the candidate they want most has cleared all checks and is set to start already. It’s possible you are just stuck in that limbo where you were the #2 or #3 pick.

It’s also possible there’s something internally jamming hiring, the hiring manager’s dog died. no one knows. but say this is the case, you can’t do anything and you gain nothing by waiting around.

If it’s a delay and they end up wanting you later, they’ll come back to you.

Thanks itera.

I received a response today, indicating that the Director has put hiring for the position on hold for a few months. They will contact me once the hiring process begins again.

Not really sure how to take that response, but I’ll keep looking for other opportunities, and hope to hear back when it does restart.