interview follow up

I have an interview on Nov 1, and sent a follow up email to Hiring manager to ask any updates about this position this morning, then he replied me shortly"Hi Michael, Thanks for your email, Please direct your questions to Susan "(Susan is HR person). Does this mean I was rejected? Usually if he wants to hire me, he would tell me directly, and HR person will send rejection letter. I sent email to susan, but she didn’t respond.

sometimes it just takes time… patience… wait another 10 days before emailing Susan again. what would help next time is if you add a read receipt on the email, to make certain that Susan had read her email…

That’s a hard one to read. Obviously, if you weren’t selected, it’s convenient for the manager to shunt you off to the HR person to get the news. On the other hand, if you’re getting an offer, they may want to have the HR person handle the contracting and salary stuff. I don’t want to throw a wet towel on this, but the balance looks like bad news. “Direct your questions to HR” sounds like “I don’t want to have to deal with this.” “You’ll be hearing from HR soon” would be more likely to indicate success, if the manager was constrained from saying anything positive by policy or political considerations. Still… keeping fingers crossed in solidarity.

yes, I agree with you. During the interview, I asked when I could expect to hear from them, he said he was busy in the next few days, but he would talk with HR, and he would follow up with Susan. ( I am confused why he said he would contact HR, it should be me to follow up with HR).