Interview for a Jr Quant Analyst Position - Help!

Folks - I just got a call for a second round interview for a Junior Quant Analyst position - but its with the regional head of Research (!!!). I’ve previously interviewed with the head of the Quant Team (in Round 1) - that round was hardly any technical - just asked me very high level stuff on modeling. I don’t know what to expect for tomorrow’s interview - especially coz its with the Research Head! Should I be expecting technical qns? technical ==> valuation qns or modeling stuff? or should i be expecting just non-technical ‘fit’ sorta qns? any specific things i should prepare? i don’t have any finance background - just a little bit of high level modeling experience (not related to finance). Wondering what’s the best way to do a focused prep - what areas should i concentrate on - given that i have only a day in-hand … ?! any advice will be a great help! :slight_smile: Thanks all!

Don’t do anything except get a good night’s sleep. If you walk in and start trying to tell him all the stuff you learned last night, this isn’t going to work. It might be that those guys believe as I believe that your level of technical competence is reflected by your multi-year achievements on your resume and they are looking to see if you will fit in with the team.

Exactly, if your resume represents well of what you know and you don’t, they probably won’t expect you to know the stuff you don’t. Try to act like you know stuff that you actually don’t in front of an expert is not a good idea.