Interview for Assistant Portfolio Manager

Got an interview next week at a medium sized private bank here in Switzerland for assistant portfolio manager and since I really, really, really want this job, I am preparing like crazy. So far I focused on three areas:

  1. Market knowledge (indices, macro trends, etc.), investment ideas (stuff I could pitch)

  2. Technical know-how (PM stuff from CFA mainly)

  3. Company data (their history, products, investment style, performance etc.)

Anything else I should cover? Tricky questions I might encounter?

Also, I noticed they have a number of discretionary portfolio products which are invested in funds only, like a fund of funds. Anyone have experience with picking mutual funds for portfolios? Not sure how they go about selecting them.

I should mention that I have no previous experience in PM as I come from investment advisory and I only got the interview because I know a guy in that team. The CIO, who I already met once (socially) a few years ago, will lead the interview and it is him I need to convince. He seems nice enough, a bit geeky even, not exactly the BSD type.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

@CFAvsMBA: of course, I will insist that I do not believe in efficient markets during all stages of the interview

I think you should be fine, just relax, it seems you’ve done what you’re supposed to.

As for picking mutual funds…personally I like to pick low cost funds when it comes to larger, more liquid asset classes.

Good luck!