Interview help: Corporate Treasury & Settlement Application Sales

Guys, been missing in action here for so long since I am looking for a job and life has got too hectic all of a sudden. Bad times for freshers! Okay so I have an interview call for the following post. And they have told that they will ask about the job responsibilities in the interview, to check whether I really know what it is all about. Can some of you please explain point numbers 2, 5, 6 and 7 please? Any other tips/help also welcome. If you think that I should know something before going for the interview, please post. Thanks guys. 1. Responsible for Corporate Treasury & Settlement Application Sales in your region. 2. Analyse the market potential for Corporate Treasury Systems in your region. 3. Liaise with Financial Controllers/ Corporate Treasurers at target accounts. 4. Identity and manage relationships with key influencers such as consulting firms, government bodies & banks 5. Manage the complete sales process. Co-ordinate with sales support and management teams across the Middle East and Europe. 6. Lead Contract Negotiations. 7. Ensure Client Satisfaction through the delivery team and manage Accounts Receivables. 8. Your territory would be one or more countries within the following geography comprising of Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman & Saudi Arabia 9. You are likely to be based in Bahrain and report to the regional head.

  1. Cold call companies to see what the deal is. 5. Be the secretary. 6. Be able to bulls4it well. 7. Talk to all the pissed off clients and make them go away. Seriously, I don’t know. How are you supposed to know the job responsiblities after reading 1 sentence?

Bahrain would be cool right? I got a nice marble/stone lion thing from the airport there.