Interview help! (Jr Options trader)

Hi. i have an interview coming up for a jr options trader position. Its an entry level position and is what im looking for so i dont really want to screw it up. Some of the major responsibilities include (but are not limited to): -Research macroeconomic and company-specific news -Evaluate portfolio risk profiles -Adjust trading strategies based on market conditions -Contribute to strategy development and refinement So anyways, i was invited to interview but before the interview i have to do a “Logic exam” What would the exam consist of im curious?! After the exam its followed by the interviewer, what kind of questions would i be getting you guys think? I usually wouldnt have posted this, but i’ve seen alot of posters ask these questions and ive read some really good responses. Thanks in advance!

I’ve done a logic exam before. It was basically answer a bunch of brainteasers and some finance type questions; we couldn’t use calculators so they wanted to test our mental quant skills which are fairly important, I guess. Off the top of my head we had: - rule of 70 - price vanilla option - clock hands lining up, how many times a day? I can’t remember too much more, been over 1.5 years.

What’s the key driver of option prices? (In other words, “what parameter are you tradign when you trade options?” What does the answer mean? How can you estimate it? may be a bit advanced for a straight out of college role, but would impress them if you knew–I’d bet at least one of your competitors will understand this line of questioning…)

freshen up on probabilities and expected value - guaranteed to get questions on these topics for an options position

check out this website for brainteasers, logic, and probablility questions: I’ve seen similar questions to these asked during interviews.

Sweet, thanks you guys! emra32