Interview! Help!

Please I have an interview in about two weeks for an asset liability analyst position with a top 10 bank in the south. It is the last interview and the bank has paid for my flight ticket and hotel reservation. I do have a good understanding about the requirements of the position but I will still like to hear from people in with experience in this position. What do you do everyday? and what are the major challenges regarding this job? I will like to know what questions to expect in the interview. I will be interviewing with the senior and executive vice president. The second interview with the senior vice president went great. I could tell on the phone that he will make a great boss, he also has a good sense of humor which I did admire. I love this job and I really want it. Also, I will like to know my chances of landing this job. The company has paid for my flight, hotel, and they are doing a background check. About myself, I will be graduating with an MBA in Finance, and MSc. Accounting in December. I have passed the CFA level 1. Have a good understanding of the market. Good Excel modeling skills.

Guys I need your feedback!

Become familiar with GAP analysis. That is huge for AL management. I interviewed for a position like this not too long ago. Know interest rate risk, default risk, credit risk will be the influencing figures of this position too.,621942,621970#msg-621970 Here is the discussion from not too long ago.

KJH Thanks very much. Your feedback really helped. Did you get the job?

I did not get the job.

kevin002 I saw your thread on the Asset/Liability analyst position. Did you get the job too? Is it very technical?