Interview-How to ask about Hours?

Hi, I am debating between jobs and was wondering what is a polite/articulate way to get a sense of how hard the group works(if they work weekends), without sounding lazy? Should I just be blunt? thanks

This type of question could hurt your interview depending on how you word it. The firm I work for has long hours and this is expected. I’d try to research prior to your decision on the job instead of asking the interviewer. A good source of that type of information is online through forums such as this one, or

I would ask if they work weekends. That is pretty harmless. I would not ask how many hours anyone works.

I’ve asked about hours numerous times, including my present job. I’ve just been honest with them–“I have no real concept of what the hours are like here. What time in the morning do people typically get to work? At my last job, I was working 60+ hours per week. What’s typical for this firm?” They don’t mind, really.

if you’re really worried, frame the question of asking them what a typical day is like adn if they don’t provide a start and end time to the day as a generality, ask for more detial about their mornings or after markets close.

thanks for your insight guys. do you think its more appropriate to ask later in the interview process or earlier or after you get an offer?

Ask about firm culture. That is a roundabout way of getting a sense of how intense it is. If you are vying for research…dont expect a 40hr fluff job. I dont mind putting putting in the hours because there are others in the office who are here as well…misery loves company i suppose. In all honesty…if you dont this indsutry doesnt get you off…then stay away. You can only fake it so long…ya know.

I’ve got the answer by asking “what does a typical day/week look like for people in this position” and by gathering intel from friends who work(ed) at the company in question.

I think you should just ask them straight up what their hours are like, and what your lifestyle is expected to be. If you already have the offer, what’s the harm in that? I’ve always asked what the expectations on my schedule would be like. If you’re too afraid to ask, you could also post the name of the group here and someone here might be able to tell you.