Interview Humble Response

So let’s say you got an interview through a referral. ie. you were recommended by another person. If the interviewer says:

I’ve heard a lot of good things about you.

So and so speaks highly of you.


What would be the correct response? Would you simply say thank you or do you make a comment about it?

A slight raising of both eyebrows and a simple, “wow, that’s very kind” will suffice, moving along quickly to the next topic. There’s no reason to prolong that moment.

I’ve always replied in a joking manner like “Don’t believe everything you hear” and then move on

“Out of all the MD’s, his referral was the cheapest!”

Offer yourself sexually.

send the compliment right back by saying so and so is a great person. then share a short but positive anecdote of your relationship with that person i.e. how they helped you in some way…

“Funny you say that, because I’ve heard the exact opposite about you.”

Then spike a football in his/her face and go start your own company.