Interview in 2 hrs

Guys, I wasnt really looking into it but somebody asked me to interview for alternative investments, more specifically real estate, they do invest in malls, shopping centers etc… I dont really know anything about alternative inv and real estate, I’m thinking how im gonna answer why am interested in this kind of job…( I was working @ an m&a and restructuring boutique) Any ideas? What makes real estate cool? Or not? thanks

Just say that you believe the real estate market (or wahtever they focus on) is undergoing a major structural shift and you want to position yourself on the forefront of upcoming innovating and a chance to help shape the new landscape of a major market.

I like it…its in Brazil by the way, I think we have a long way to go in infrastructure…

open for level II AI book and read it first couple of pages on real estate

Then it’s compounded. Just spout off some macro-economic development BS and tie it in to my above paragraph. Good luck, RE in Brazil actually sounds really fun.

beach real estate in Brazil. Couldn’t think of anything better.

An angle that has worked for me in the past (I’m in PE) is to talk about how alternative investments require more skill and specialization than say public market fundamental analysis - thereby providing you with a competitive advantage later in your career after you spend a few years in the industry. This is also an ego rub in disguise for those interviewing you.

brazilatz – If you post your interview story on the AF Interview thread 2010 you’ll increase your chances. It’s the lucky thread with proven results. Soppy could do the same.

Listen to PTC, it worked for me!

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brazilatz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I like it…its in Brazil by the way, I think we > have a long way to go in infrastructure… Nuppal gave a great explanation. Wish I got to you earlier, but in the US studies have been done with capital markets correlating with real estate markets. It is interesting in any case. Also evidence shows that adding a REIT fund to a standard stock/bond portfolio will reduce standard deviation and potentially increase return.

There’s been a lot of improvements in access to mortgages in Brazil, and bank reserve requirements and other regulations mean that banks can’t take the ridiculous risks that were taken here as easily. So combine that with increased disposable income and a moresecure position in the world economy, and RE in Brazil should do really well in both absolute and comparative terms. Is RE sexy stuff? Probably kkent has some insight into that. Boa sorte! A gente se fala.

Anything in Brazil is sexy stuff, nuff said.

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Thanks guys! It went fine, Im not sure I’d have a lot to add, they said asked why I left my former employer, I talked about living in the States, the CFA(one of the guys who interviewed me was a charterholder), then when I was waiting for the other guy, a research guy came in and said if I had any ideas to model a company and send it to him(I really wanna get into reseach as opposed to AI…) I could get into more detail later I’m off ofr now but I really don’t think I have a whole lot to add.for now… later!

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