Interview Next Week - Capital Markets

I will be meeting directly with the CFO of the company and I really don’t know what I’m getting myself into. Please help! I really appreciate it! Investment Analysis Group- Entry Level – Position Description Firm is seeking an entry level member to join our Investment Analysis Group. The Investment Analysis Group is responsible for assisting the Capital Markets Group with the quantitative aspects of portfolio management associated with our leveraged investment funds. Fund assets comprise a broad range of high yield bonds, institutional leveraged bank loans, synthetic and private mezzanine securities. Primary responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to: - Maintaining portfolio profile tests, - Modeling fund trading scenarios, debt expense and covenants, - Performing as a liaison with Bloomberg information services and internal groups, - Calculating fund cash flow & investment return projections, - Analyzing various fund performance metrics, - Monitoring the accounting and analytics systems to ensure the reliability of data used by the group, and - Responding to portfolio manager requests for ad-hoc analysis. Technical training will include our systems and tools for tracking funds assets, projecting fund cash flow and investment returns, and identifying system data errors. The member will be exposed to the range of deal functions including the formation and launch of structured alternative investment funds and their related economics, the workings of the capital markets and asset trading. Job Specifications – Required Skills and Education: - Four year college degree, 1 or more years working in a financial services institution, broker dealer, asset management, investment bank, hedge fund, and functional experience working in financial advisory, research or account management. - Ideal candidate will demonstrate strong research, analytical skills and attention to detail. - Must be proficient in Excel. Familiarity with Bloomberg, CDO Suite, Portia, and IMAKE/Intex a plus.

I don’t see any description of the office noise level in here.

lol that interview is tomorrow. I hope I get both offers and then I can choose.

I think it’s also a little weird that I even got this interview. The recruiter mentioned they want to make a decision within a couple of weeks. Most of the analysts at the firm come from top schools, investment banking backgrounds, etc.

Somebody posted about this same position a couple of months ago. Sounds like a good position to me. If this is in LA, I know which employer it is. Good luck.,782040

Thanks for the link. I actually know what company this is and I know tranloi from the other thread. I’ll ask him.

Good luck Topher!