Interview preparation

Hi AFers, I will be interviewing for an investment associate position in a small shop. My first interview of this sort and would like to be well prepared. I am currently a FA and L3 Candidate. What kind of questions should I expect? Which part of curriculum would be beneficial to review before getting in there? Much appreciated!!!

I would hope as a L3 candidate you can talk about almost anything they throw at you, whether from memory or at least the ability to talk around it all and sounds somewhat intelligent. I know that doesnt answer your question.

Make sure you know your investment policy statment (construction of it) cold.

This position is a buy side gig. However, the description is rather short that I have to think harder to narrow down possible questions. In fact, description didn’t even list out responsibilities…ouch…

I think what’s more important than knowing your CFA stuff is being able to talk about the market, make stock recommendations, etc. I went on a few FO interviews and CFA didn’t count for much.

Guys thanks for your input =) Topher – you mind sending an email to two.turtles at live dotcom as I would like to ask more about your experience? Thanks!

Make sure you prep for behavioral questions as well, come up with a few stories that use the S.T.A.R. approach Also, the articles on help in coming up with ideas for stock recommendations

check out some of the stuff in this FAQ: a pretty good resource i picked up on this forum

Really appreciate you guys’ advice here. Lucky to have this long weekend to get ready. In case any of you going away on vacation, have a great holiday!