Interview question

When asked about your weaknesses what do you guys say?

the green…my putting needs work… btw, I have said this in several interviews and always get a laugh…

Companies become so profitable once you’re hired – it invariably leads to SEC investigations.

I drink too much and I love the ladies.

my biggest weakness is i always confuse buy low and sell high with sell low and buy high.


“everything i say is a lie. except that. and that. and that. and that. and that.”

i love " Massage Parlours "

kide Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > When asked about your weaknesses what do you guys > say? chandon

figured you more for Courvoisier, numi.

“The skeletons in my closet aren’t big enough.”

Turkish Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > figured you more for Courvoisier, numi. i just hope the interviewer doesn’t ask me to talk about a second weakness

Oops, double post…

OK, now for a genuine answer. Just be honest about some weakness of yours. Very likely, some issue is on your mind after talking a little in the interview. Just mention it, and then mention how you are going to neutralize it in this job so that your supervisor won’t have to worry about it. Don’t try the response that you are so dedicated to your work that you sometimes work too hard/late/etc… That response is so cliché that it will likely work against you. I think a sincere answer will garner respect, particularly if you assure the interviewer that it is your responsability to manage that weakness and that you have a plan to do so. This question has been askedbefore andyou can probably get more info with the search function, which is partly why you got mostly joking replies here.

how about saying something like " I have a hard time saying no to people , which soemtimes leads to me having too much on my plate , however as soon as i realise that i cannot handle everyhthing on my plate I reassess my priorites delegate and/or solicit assistance form my peers " just a thought …

rudeboi, interesting reply. BUT if you read allowed what you just wrote, you’ll quickly see how insincere that sounds and how just unbelievable it is. only advice i have is don’t bullsh*t an answer. The interviewer will know if you are. And if they can’t trust you to answer this quesiton properly, it makes them wonder what else you’re lying about. end result. you didn’t get the job.

Having a hard time saying no to people is indicative of being a doormat. Nobody on Wall St. likes a doormat.

“Nobody on Wall St. likes a doormat.” Unless it’s persian.

Good point.

hmm I did read it ALOUD and it does sound like BS …however like i said just a thought …