Interview question

I interviewed (2nd interview) for a position on August 31. On September 5 I emailed my interviewer asking them when they anticipate they would be making their decision. Later that day they responded. This was their reply: Sorry for not getting back as yet. Yes, we look to be completing our review in the next day or so; one or two folks here on vacation. I’ll be advising you as soon as possible. I haven’t heard anything since. Any thoughts?

Eh, it’s tough to tell. It could mean anything. I went on a 1st interview last Thursday, heard nothing until today when a friend called me and said they called him for a reference. It’s tough to tell. A lot of firms don’t have a big HR dept and have to do this stuff themselves so it takes forever. If they had already decided to actively NOT hire you, they’d have sent you some kind of form email in response to your email (I did the exact same thing 8 or 9 months ago). So this, to me, seems neutral and can mean anything (or nothing).

it takes a while to recieve a response as they do have to see all the candiadates. On the other hand if you go through a recruitment consultant you would know within a day or so…

tough to tell. usually if they really like you, they’ll try to bring you back ASAP. however you can still be a good candidate, and if they have other people they are screening, they’ll go through those rounds before getting back to you. don’t worry about it, and just check in with them every so often to see what the status on things is