Interview Questions

There was a good interview question posted last week on here. Does anyone else have any good interview questions to share? They don’t have to necessarily be math questions - soft ones would be interesting to hear as well.

I was once asked " how many donuts does tim hortons sell in a day" you have 1 minute. I never got a call back, so i will not disclose how i answered that question.

I’ve been asked many things in terms of logic questions like that such as: How many shoe laces in Scotia Plaza (a bank building in Toronto) How many golf balls ina 747 How many lbs of newprint does canada go through in a week How many gas stations in Canada I just suddenly find myself on the other side of the table and am looking for unique questions (like the company A/B question) that can quickly reveal if candidates know their crap or if they’re shovelling it.

More quant oriented, but some books exist like this: